Did You See How Skinny Chumlee Got!?

In recent months, so many people have been wondering what has been going on with Chumlee. If you are unaware of who Chumlee is, he is one of the main stars of the popular show Pawn Stars. Although his real name is Austin Russel, many people would know him as Chumlee. Chumlee Before and After

Chumlee has always been someone who has been seen as being overweight, so when he suddenly lost over 150 pounds, people were asking how. Nobody was aware he was dieting, let alone in the process of losing weight, so when he showed up at the AMA awards, people were left stunned.

Therefore, for all you people who have been wondering what his big secret is to losing weight quick, well here it is;
Chumlee recently discussed how he kept track of what he ate throughout his diet. Although this for any individual is a great approach for dieting, his doctor shared with him another way that can help him lose the weight – and fast!

His doctor recommended that he take a supplement called Garnicia Cambogia. It may not sound like your everyday pill, but this little guy has been growing in popularity within the Hollywood area. A wide range of celebrities have been reported using this supplement to help them lose weight, and the results we have seen with Chumlee, it must really work.
Chumlee recently said that throughout his life he would struggle with feeling hungry throughout the day. No matter how much he ate, he would still feel like he hasn’t eaten enough and in the long run it did have a negative effect on his body. Therefore, when he decided to start dieting, he would keep track of what he ate and how much food he was eating on a daily basis. However, it didn’t take long for him to see that dieting was not an easy task and that is when his doctor offered him to take this supplement.

The American reality TV star has even admitted that if it wasn’t for his doctor recommending this supplement, he would have never lost the weight. Not only has Garnacia Cambogia helped him reach his weight loss goal but he has also stated that he now feels more focused on a day to day basis as well as having a lot more energy.
The supplement has also reduced his need for food throughout the day. He has said that he no longer feels the need to constantly eat and that he can finally eat breakfast without feeling hungry until dinner time.

Of course some supplements may seem too extreme or very unlikely that it will help you lose weight fast, however by the looks of this new supplement that is now in the market, you might just have that quick weight loss after all.

How Insane is INSANITY?

The INSANITY Workout

The insanity workout program created a major buzz in the world of general fitness ranging from weight loss to addition of muscle mass. Whatever the situation there may be, this program claims to be the perfect solution for you. But are there mere marketing strategies or does the program really work? Well let’s find out.

According to Shawn T, the major goal of this insanity program is to help you achieve the shape that you desire. By the time you are through with this program, you should have achieved the looks of your dreams and your general fitness should be at their peak in tandem with of renowned athletes. This is set to be achieved in a time span of 60 days from the comfort of your home.

In order to fully realize the benefits of this program then you need to follow the diet plan to the letter or come up with a healthy diet of your own choice and a good schedule. The exercises must also be carried out on daily basis without failure. You must always do your best.

The diet plan

It’s highly recommended that you follow the diet plan to the letter to achieve the intended benefits. However if you find it difficult, you should consider making your own plan provided that it’s in tandem with the basics of the insanity workout program.

The diet pal has been made in such a way that you end up consuming more calories within a given day. Basically this diet plan is based on the protein-carbs-fats ratio concept as detailed below:

It includes consumption of 40% protein, 40% carbs and 40% fat. The protein ratio in the diet fuels the muscles and assists them during the repair process. This process usually occurs throughout the 60-day period.

The carbs boosts your levels of energy and maintains them at a high tempo to help you complete the entire workout.

The fats on the other hand maintain a pool of extra energy for you while at the same time ensuring that all the body processes remain functional. However one thing that is reiterated is that the fats here are the healthy type and you must always keep this in mind if you intend to come up with your own diet plan. Therefore junk food is a no go zone for you.

In order to take part in this workout your cardio health must be perfect, you must be able to perform basic exercise, have no joint pain, be dedicated and ensure that your lifestyle suits this program.

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